Our pews are solid wood, which means solid lumber glued up in either butcher block style or face out grain single ply or two ply solid wood pew end.  The legs have plywood with solid front and back edge.

Solid Wood Pews


The pew ends come in a variety of styles.  Solid wood pew ends can always be repaired and refinished for a long time.  Veneer over particle board has a limited life.

The most important decision in choosing pews is quality. We do NOT use particle board. For more information on our manufacturing standards, we send you detailed specifications.

Solid wood construction available in ash, cherry, mahogany, maple, and oak. When assured with quality, you can select a design with confidence.

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These solid wood pew ends represent the all stained full end to the floor style.  Remember the stain can be virtually any color.  Solid wood ends can only absorb a certain amount of stain.  For example Ebony, is a black stain, so you can not get a pure black look like paint, but the tone will be a black shade.

Solid wood construction - No particle board!


These pew ends represent the colonial style pew.  Churches today do not do the white as often, they use different tones that maybe match the walls or trim.  Even dark brown and the wood trim is a different shade of color.

The Scroll pew end is shown here as a Colonial pew end but also as a ALL stained pew end.



Solid wood construction - No particle board!




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