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We Offer  Solid Wood Pews, Stackable Chairs, 

Radius Pulpits,  Cross Pulpits,  Carpet 

  Pew Reupholster and Refinishing, Repair Work,  Reconfiguration and Moving 

We offer updated fabric selections and can assist in turning your sanctuary into a beautiful church home.


We offer solid wood pews with a 25 year warranty.  Typically red oak face grain turned out. Not butcher block.

The stack chairs handle have a number of options.  The most popular pew chair has the closed back, meaning the braces on the back are covered up creating a very beautiful chair.  The seat has an option called the water fall seat that looks like a pew.  The theatre seats are constructed by Mobilario handled by the national rep.


If you think your pews need replaced, call us first, maybe new fabric, foam, a refinish some parts, a few repairs, and your pews will be almost like new again for a lot less cost.

When we re-upholster pews, a hydraulic air press is used to compress the foam in order to maximize the  tightness of the fabric.  This is how a pew factory would build the pew.  We are set up to perform the work on site if needed.  Many times pews need some repair work, such as new anchors, fix legs, tighten ends and even repaint the pew ends. 


 My custom shop can build about any pulpit without custom charges.  The radius pulpit and cross pulpit and column types are very popular. 


Sometimes we have some used pews for churches that can not afford new pews.  We always we do them so the pews are almost like new.  If you find some used pews, and need them cut to fit your church, want them re-upholstered, fix some parts, and install them in your church with anchors, we can help.






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