The correct way to reupholster a church pew is the same way the factory originally upholstered the pew.


The pew is dismantled.  Seat and back are put under a hydraulic air press that is used to compress the foam

in order to get the fabric tight.  Most times we add foam to the existing foam.  Depending on how old the pew

is will determine if all new foam is required.  The fabric is stretched the full length of the pew as well.


During this process we can make any repairs that are needed to the wood structure.  Sometimes parts come

unglued, nails fail and the seat becomes unstable.


We use all new special order screws when we reassemble the pews.

This pew was a upholstered seat and all wood back.  We can turn the pew into a fully upholstered, that is,

seat, back and back of back.  The church also wanted the pew ends painted black.  When we do any painting

we use lacquer spray finish for durability and beautiful appearance.

This pew was the old fashion looking colonial white with red fabric.  Look at it now.  Beautiful pew

with update colors.  The church did not want any light colors.  This pew did not have lumbar support.

We added lumbar support to the pews.

PHOTOS OF DIFFERENT pews, radius pulpits, cross pulpits,worship chairs coming soon

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